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About Us

Mcintyre's professional tutoring and governess services believes in building relationships with our clients. We provide a nurturing presence that gives our clients the comfort to share their concerns and the opportunity to discover their learning potentials.  We want our clients to be as comfortable as possible while sharing their learning concerns. 

McIntyre's Professional Tutoring and Governess Services are here for your tutoring and governing needs.  Not only do we assist with homework help and offer virtual story time, we also help sharpen skills in Reading, Math, Spelling, Language, Science, Social Studies, Test Prep, Strategic Comprehension, Voice, Organization, Creative Writing, etc.  We offer classes for 3 and 4 year old. so they will be ready to begin school.  We are the only tutoring service that offers the successful "McIntyre's Reading Curriculum" program.  This curriculum is designed to help non-readers learn to read quickly and effectively.  It also helps readers read more efficiently and fluently.  It's been proven to easily catapult readers several grades ahead.  We design lessons to close gaps in learning and address areas of struggle based on data collected.  We provide one-on-one, group sessions, and classes online and in-person at the best affordable rates. 

(Online sessions are offered anywhere in the U.S.) 

(In-person lessons are offered in North Atlanta only at this time.) 

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