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Do you need A Long-Term Governess or A Short-Term babysitter?

Hello, I am Ms. McIntyre.  As a Governess, I attend to my client’s children whenever it’s needed. I prepare children's materials for activities play dates, ballet, swim, or french art. I will assist in transporting children to those activities, helping with homework, taking them to the park, and picking up treats. I will help children with preparation of their daily lives. I  will assist with shopping, set schedules and help coordinate children's daily lives.  

My teaching and tutoring experience comes in helpful when checking, and reteaching homework when needed. I’ve taught children to read several grades beyond their grade level, taught study strategies, taught math strategies. and strategies to pass the Map Test, Wechsler IQ Test, Map Test, and the Georgia Milestone Assessment.  I have assisted children to get into private schools such as Westminister, Trinity, Lovette, Pace, etc. On top of all this, I reinforced appropriate discipline and give redirection for model behavior and daily routines. 


WE Love Pets!!!

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