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Special Education

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Individual needs

We have tutors on hand to individualize instruction for special needs students. 

Here at MPTS, we believe everyone is entitled to a quality education to help them succeed 

in life.  When it comes to clients who need a little support to assist with learning, we are here to provide quality supplemental education and strategies.  MPTS understand clients with special needs are some of the most brilliant people among us.  We also understand there is not enough time in a teacher's day to focus on each child's individual needs.  We are here to support teachers and students by continuing the education as needed.  

Everyone learns differently, and we are here to provide the assistance needed.

There are 4 types of learners.  They are the Visual Learners, Auditory Learners, Reading/Writer Learners, and Kinesthetic Learners.  Some are learners of a combination of these styles.  This applies to everyone.  No one is excluded.  MPTS will modify the general education curriculum (based on these learning styles) to make sure each student’s  individual needs are met.  

An Orton-Gillingham tutoring approach is on hand as well. According to the training course, it takes approximately 60-100 hours (10 months) of tutoring.  The cost of this amazing dyslexia tutoring would be $10,000 if charged $80 to $100 an hour as recommended. Here at MPTS, we charge much less, because we want everyone to have the opportunity to learn. Check out our "Online Store" for pricing. 

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